4 Methods to Cancel Fitness 19 Membership

You can cancel your Fitness 19 membership online via in-person visit, phone call, or mail.

Fitness 19 is a gym chain club based in the United States with more than 38 gym outlets nationwide. They have almost every service available that you would expect from a gym. If you want to go on your fitness journey, Fitness 19 might just be the one for you.

But not everyone has the best time in the gym. If you are a member of Fitness 19 and you are having trouble canceling your membership, look no further. Here is an easy-to-follow guide to canceling your Fitness 19 membership smoothly.

Cancelling Fitness 19 Membership Online

You cannot cancel your Fitness 19 membership via their official website, but here’s what you can do to cancel your Fitness 19 membership online. Follow these steps carefully:

  1. Go to the MyiClubOnline website
  2. Log in using your Fitness 19 membership agreement information from your original Fitness 19 membership contract (If you cannot find that information, call the customer service of Fitness 19 to get that information)
  3. After logging in, go to the “My Agreement Info.”
  4. Follow the instructions and proceed to cancel your membership

Ensure you get a confirmation of your membership canceled and keep the proof. It will be essential to avoid any additional charges on your card.

Cancelling Membership via Phone

Canceling your Fitness 19 membership is as simple as a phone call. Follow these steps to cancel your Fitness 19 membership via phone:

  1. Locate your local gym and get the number from the webpage according to your location
  2. Dial the number
  3. Speak to the customer service staff
  4. Express your desire to cancel the membership
  5. Provide your information to the staff when asked

After your information is verified, your membership will be canceled by the Fitness 19 staff. You will receive a confirmation email after your membership is canceled.

Cancelling membership by visiting the location

Visiting the Gym outlet is the easiest and most sure shot method to cancel your membership because you can talk to the staff in person.

After visiting the gym you are registered in, contact the staff and ask for a membership cancellation form. Make sure you fill out all your details correctly. After filling out the form, they will proceed to cancel your membership. Make sure you confirm the cancellation.

Cancelling Membership via Mail

You can send your cancellation query through mail too. It’s very easy to cancel your membership via mail. Follow these steps to cancel your Fitness 19 membership via mail:

  1. Write a letter addressing to the gym you are registered in. You can find that information in this webpage.
  2. Write down your details, such as Full name, date of birth, and phone number, and include your username and password if you registered online.
  3. Give any feedback and the reason for your cancellation
  4. Write the date you want the cancellation to take effect
  5. After writing the letter, send it to Fitness 19
  6. Make sure to receive confirmation of the cancellation
  7. If you don’t get a confirmation in time, call Fitness 19 regarding the issue.

Freeze | Pausing your membership

If you know you will continue your membership after a short period, instead of canceling your membership, you can also opt to pause your membership. You cannot use any Fitness 19 Gym membership services when your membership is paused.

You can freeze your membership for 1 month or 4 months. You can pause your membership only twice every 12 months.

If a member cancels their membership while on pause, the member will be responsible for a 30-day notice and will owe the upcoming monthly payment along with an Annual Fee if due at the time of cancellation. 

Fitness 19 Contact Information

Phone(719) 591-9100
Contact information details of Fitness 19


Is there any membership cancellation charge?

There is no such charge mentioned in the membership policy of Fitness 19. Call the Fitness 19 to make sure that is the case for your gym you are registered in.

Is there any membership pausing charge?

There isn’t any such charge mentioned in the membership policy on the Fitness 19 website, so that might depend on your contract.

How long does it take for the cancellation to be processed?

It can take up to 30 days to process the cancellation. If it takes longer than that, consider contacting customer service regarding that issue.

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