4 Methods to Cancel Fraavy Subscription Online

How to Cancel Fraavy subscription

You can cancel your Fraavy subscription using 4 different methods: Website, Live Chat, Email, and Phone support.

Fraavy is a multimedia site offering unlimited music content, audiobooks, sports, movies, games, software, and more.

It offers a 5-day free trial before charging a $49.95 per month monthly subscription after that trial ends. Buying the service is easy, but some people might find the cancellation process confusing.

Customer Care Emailcustomer@fraavy.com
Phone Support+1 833 213 1891 (English only)
Operating DaysMonday – Friday
Operating Hours9 AM – 9 PM (GMT-5)
Response TimesEmail: 24-48 hours
Phone: 5 min wait times
Contact SupportBilling, Technical issues, Account support
Additional Support OptionsPriority phone & chat for paid plans
Fraavy Subscription

This blog post will provide 4 different methods to cancel a fraavy subscription.

How to Cancel Fraavy Subscription Online?

How to Cancel fraavy subscription Online?

To cancel Fraavy’s subscription through the website, follow the steps below.

  1. Visit Fraavy Officiel website: https://fraavy.com/.
  2. Log in to your Fraavy account using your details.
  3. Now, click on the Profile Icon in the top right corner of the screen.
  4. Then, Select the “My Account” option.
  5. Scroll to “Subscription Section” and click on “Cancel.”
  6. Verify your cancellation through email.

If you cannot cancel your account using their official website then try other methods from below.

Cancel fraavy via Live Chat

You can request the cancellation of your Fraavy Account via Fraavy’s Live Chat.

The official website has a live chat embedded, from which you can contact customer service personnel. It supports two languages for communication: English and French.

Select the language you are comfortable and you can send in your cancellation query. After that, you will be able to cancel your subscription.

Cancel fraavy subscription via Email.

Fraavy has a customer service email where you can also send your feedback and cancellation queries.

Compose an email about your cancellation query and send it to customer@fraavy.com. After the customer service team responds to you, they will further guide you about canceling your subscription.

How to Cancel Fraavy Subscription via Phone?

If you prefer to speak directly instead of sending mail, giving customer service a phone call would be the best option for you.

Dial the customer service number of Fraavy which is +1 833 213 1891 (English Only Support).

The customer service personnel will ask you about your details, which might be required for the verification.

After they verify your purchase they will further guide you about canceling your subscription. The cancellation will be followed by a confirmation email that you will receive.

Contact Fraavy Customer Membership

If you cannot cancel your account using any of the above methods, try submitting a complaint using the contact form on their website.

You can also contact them via phone or email.

Phone+1 833 213 1891
Contact Formhttps://fraavy.com/contact
Live ChatLive Chat (English)
contact fraavy information

refund and Cancellation Policy of Fraacy

Fraavy does not provide a refund for canceled memberships. Their terms and conditions clearly state, “You will not receive a prorated refund.”

You have a higher chance of getting a refund if you ask your bank to do a chargeback on the fees by claiming that Fraavy obtained your payment details deceptively.

Before you go

Cancelling a Fraavy Account is a simple process that takes a few minutes. Most users online in different communities argue that Fraavy is a scam.

This is because they do not seem to have applied for the account without consent or have missed the auto-renewal price, which is $49/month after the 5-day trial period has ended.

I personally tried and tested the cancellation methods by creating an online account and canceling it before the trial period ended.

It works for me and should work with you, too; you only need the correct credentials and account you want to cancel.

Howp this helped, check out FAQ section for more answers.


When should I cancel Fraavy?

You should cancel your Fraavy subscription at least seven days before your auto payment date to avoid paying for upcoming charges.

When is my payment date?

Fraavy charges its members on the same date they start their subscription. If you started paying on August 10th, then you will continue to get charged on auto-renewal on the 10th of next month.

Will I receive my Refund if I cancel the Fraavy Subscription?

No, Fraavy has stated that they do not provide any refunds on subscription cancellation.

Will I be able to use Fraavy after cancellation?

Yes, if you have canceled your account before the payment date, then you can access your account.

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