Cancel OneLife Fitness Membership: Freeze and Refund Policy

You can cancel OneLife Fitness membership by filling out a cancellation form on the cancellation page of their website to cancel their membership.

OneLife Fitness is a Gym chain club that operates more than 50 locations in various states of the United States. If you want to stay fit, reach your body goals, and improve your health, OneLife Fitness is a perfect valid option to go for.

But not everything is fond of the same things. There might be various reasons you might want to cancel your OneLife Fitness membership. We have set up a guide for you to cancel your membership yourself if you are unable to cancel it for various reasons.

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Canceling OneLife Fitness Membership Online

OneLife fitness membership does not accept any cancellation query via phone, social media, or reception. Follow these steps to cancel your Onelife fitness membership Online:

  1. Visit the cancellation page of OneLife Fitness
  2. Fill out your Name, Email, and phone number correctly
  3. Select your reason for canceling the membership
  4. Choose your club
  5. Complete the human verification test
  6. Submit the form

After submitting your form, you will get the confirmation email after your membership is cancelled. Make sure to check your card for any additional unlawful charges.

How to Freeze Your OneLife Fitness Membership

If you don’t want to cancel your membership permanently, you have the option to freeze your membership from one month up to three months. You can fill out the membership freezing form and need to pay €5 as a freezing fee till the selected time. Follow these steps to freeze your OneLife fitness membership:

  1. Visit the freeze page of OneLife Fitness
  2. Fill out your Name, Email, and phone number correctly
  3. Choose your Club
  4. Select the months to freeze
  5. Complete human verification test
  6. Submit the form

After submitting the form, you will get a confirmation email after your membership is frozen and the freezing fee will be deducted from your card.

Cancellation Policy of OneLife Fitness Membership

According to the cancellation policy of OneLife Fitness membership, you must provide a month’s notice before the regeneration of the next billing cycle to avoid additional charges after canceling your membership.

How to contact OneLife Fitness Customer Support?

Cancellation form
Phone(888) 233-3730


What is the price of OneLife Fitness membership?

OneLife Fitness membership starts at $29.99/month. You can visit their website for any additional info about the membership.

Can I get a free trial of OneLife Fitness membership?

If you are not a member of OneLife Fitness, you can pay 10 for a day pass or register for a free pass that can be used once. You will need a valid form of ID to use a day pass.

What is a roaming membership in OneLife Fitness Gym?

Roaming membership refers to the type of membership that can gain you access to any gym under OneLife Fitness at any time. For a small additional fee, you can upgrade your normal membership to Roaming Membership.

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