How to cancel Quick Quack car wash membership Online 2024?

Cancel quick quack car wash

Quick Quack Car Wash allows its members to cancel their membership via online through homepage’s contatc form, through Phone Call and by sending an Email.

Located in Roseville, California, Quick Quack as of 2024 has over 160+ locations including Utah, California, Texas, Colorado, and Arizona providing car wash service to 1000s of customers to monthly subscription basis.

Their membership plans start from 29.99/month and other plans include the following.

Lucky Duck$39.99
Ceramic Duck$45.99
Quick Quack Membership Plans 2024 Overview

If you are unhappy or need more service then you can change your membership plan at any time.

But most people buy these memberships to keep their car top-notch and at a discount and later regret it as they do not need this kind of membership.

How to Cancel Quick Quack Car Wash Membership Online?

Follow the steps listed below to cancel your Quick Quack car wash membership online.

  1. Visit the official website’s “Contact Us.”
  2. Provide your personal “Email ID.”
  3. Select “Request Cancel” from the drop-down menu.
  4. Then select the Reason for Cancellation you want to cancel.
  5. Enter your “License Plate Number or VIN.
  6.  Need to provide “Last 4 digits of the credit card” on file for verification.
  7. Provide more information “If Any” and complete the form.
  8. Hit the “Submit” button.

Cancel Membership Via Phone Call

To cancel your Quick Quack membership via phone call all you need to do i call at 888-772-2792 within the office hours and request for cancellation of your subscription.

You might need to provide your Name, Address, License Plate and other verification identity.

Cancel Membership Via Email

You can send an email to “” if you wish to cancel you Quick Quack car wash membership via Email.

This is a perfect method for those who wishes to cancel without physical or verbal contact.

Cancellation Policy

$5 cancellation fee will be charged if you cancel your Quick Quack car wash membership within the initial 45 days of subscription.

This fee is for those who wishes to terminate their plan before expiry or before the 45th day.

Can I pause my Membership?

No, the car wash company does not have a pause feature. You must either continue paying or get rid of it by permanently canceling membership. 

Will I get a refund from Quick Quack upon cancellation?

No, Quick Quack has no-refund policy, they do not give any money if you cancel your membership plan before maturity period.

Why Cancel Quick Quack Membership?

There might be personal or financial reason to cancel the membership, we have listed few reason why you should cancel Quick Quack membership.

  1. Not happy with the cleaning and service from the company.
  2. Found better alternative with better service and plans.
  3. Moved to other state where Quick Quack is not avaiable.
  4. Financially not doing well.

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