How to Cancel Club Car Membership? [Online, Phone, Email and More]

How to Cancel Club Car Membership

You can cancel your Club Car Wash membership anytime by calling them, Email, visiting one of their outlets, or by the online form on their website.

Club Car Wash is a car wash chain that washes your car as much as you like for a month’s fixed price. If you are someone who likes to drive a clean and shining car every day and you happen to have a club car wash near you, it might be worth it to get a membership for yourself.

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The requirements to cancel your Club Car Wash are listed below.

  • Full Name,
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Barcode (from the windshield, if applicable)
  • Reason for Cancellation
  • Write or Email a Request to the team.

For any reason, if you are unsatisfied with the membership, you can cancel your Club Car Wash membership anytime using the following methods:

Vai Phone Call

It is convenient for the members that they can cancel their membership anytime by simply giving a phone call at (833) 416 – 9975.

A club car wash representative will answer your call and ask for your details like your license plate, barcode, and purchase receipt to verify the transaction before canceling your membership.

After you provide them with asked details they will cancel your membership.

Cancel Club Car Membership via Online form

You can cancel your club car wash membership by using the online form that you can find on their official website.

  1. Select cancel membership in the “I want to” section
  2. Fill up your name and last name
  3. Fill up your Email and phone number
  4. Fill up your barcode
  5. Write your feedback and reasons for cancellation

After you fill up your details your membership will be cancelled shortly after.

Cancel via Visit in Person at Location

If you can visit one of the outlets of the club car wash near you, visiting them in person is the easiest and fastest method to cancel your membership.

Simply visit one of the locations of Club Car Wash and talk with their representative. They will ask for proof of purchase, your license/barcode, and other details for verification.

After verifying your purchase with the given details they will cancel your membership

Cancel through Email

If you are unable to visit one of their outlets, you can send your cancellation query to their feedback email:

Make sure you send your cancellation query at least 5 days before the next billing cycle to prevent any recurring charges.

Compose an email consisting of the details like your name, phone number, and barcode/license, and express your desire to cancel your club car wash membership, and send the email.

After verifying your purchase their support team will cancel your membership very soon.

Pricing plans of Club Car Wash Membership.

Here are the pricing plans for Club Car Wash Membership:

Membership PlansPrice(Single Wash)Price(Unlimited for a month)
Membership plans and pricing

How do you contact Club Car Wash support?

Here are some ways to contact the customer support of Club Car Wash:

Phone(833) 416 – 9975
Online form
Contact info


Can I get a refund on my membership?

No, Club Car Wash does not have any refund policy on the purchase of their membership.

How many times can I wash my car after purchasing a monthly membership?

You can wash your car as many times as you want in any one of their car wash outlets.

How many cars can I wash with my membership?

Your membership is only valid for a single car that you registered at the time of purchase.

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