How to Cancel Flagship Car Wash Membership?

How to Cancel Flagship Car Wash Membership

To cancel Flagship Car Wash membership login to your Online Portal or submit a request through the Membership Cancellation page.

Flagship does not have any cancellation fee but you must cancel your car wash membership 5 days before the next billing date to avoid further payment.

All customers are allowed to use regular service even after cancellation until your billing cycle ends.

Also, they do not provide any refunds full or partial for any sort.

Cancellation via Request Form

Follow the steps below to cancel your flagship car wash membership online.

  1. Cancellation Page: The official website has a page where you can request cancellation, Visit Here.
  2. Identity Verification: For verification purposes, you must add your personal information such as Name, Email address, and Phone Number.
  3. Vehicle Verification: This is optional but it will be helpful if you provide all the information asked by the contact form.
  4. Membership Location: Choose the City and State from which you’ve signed up.
  5. Reason for Cancellation: This is to improve the service by the company, choose the most appropriate one from the drop-down menu.
  6. Submit: After filling up all the information it is time to submit the cancellation request form.

How many days will I get confirmation?

It will take 2-3 business days (Only Weekday when business operates) for the cancellation to be processed.


Phone Number(703) 468-1414
Address149 Catoctin Circle SE
CityLeesburg, VA
Contact information overview


Does Flagship Car charge for Cancellation Fee?

No, Flagship Car Wash does not charge any cancellation fees if you wish to cancel your membership.

Why did Flagship Car Wash charge me after cancellation?

If you fail to cancel before the next month’s payment date then you will be charged. You must cancel at least 5 days before your plan’s next payment date to avoid further charges.

Can I wash my car from Flagship after cancellation?

Yes, you are allowed to use the service until the last day of your billing cycle.

Do they provide a refund on cancellation?

No, Flagship does not provide full or partial month(s) refunds for membership cancellations.

Cancellation is not confirmed what to do?

If your confirmation was not complete or still getting charged then call customer support at (703) 468-1414 or chat directly through live chat from the website.

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