How to Cancel Luv Car Wash Membership?

Cancel Luv Car Wash Membership

You can cancel your Luv Car Wash membership using various methods such as online form, phone, or Email.

Luv Car Wash is a car wash chain that offers people a subscription-based option to wash their car multiple times a month for a fixed price.

One might have many reasons to cancel the membership of the service they are using like poor customer service, mediocre results, and not enough necessity of the service.

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Follow our guide to cancel your Luv Car Wash membership without any hassle:

Cancelling Luv Car Wash membership via their online form.

It is quite easy to cancel the membership on Luv Car Wash’s online website. Visit the Manage membership page on their website.

Make sure you have all of your details like your license plate and Barcode and state your reasons for cancellation of your membership.

After you are done submitting your form their customer service personnel will respond within 24-48 hours.

Cancelling Luv Car Wash Membership through Email method

Conveniently, Luv Car Wash has a customer support Email the which you can send your cancellation query.

Just like in the cancellation form on their official website, make sure to give all your details required for verification and email them your desire to cancel their unlimited membership.

Their customer support email is You are likely to get a responsive email very soon.

Cancelling your membership via Phone

If none of the above methods you can directly call them on their phone to discuss the cancellation of your membership.

This method is strongly suggested because the customer service team is most likely to respond to a phone call. You can call them at 480-690-3301 and discuss the cancellation of your membership.

How do you Reach Out to Luv Car Wash support?

Support Information details

Luv Car Wash has a LiveChat Customer support feature embedded in their official website.

You can click the little message icon and directly reach out to their customer service support and send them your cancellation query.

Luv Car Wash has a YouTube channel too.

Membership Pricing

Luv Car Wash offers membership at the same price as single wash price for first-time members.

Here are the prices of membership plans offered by Luv Car Wash:

PlanPrice(First month)Price(Renew)
First Luv$10$22.99
Lotta Luv$17$29.99
All the Luv$22$36.99
Membership Pricing

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How often can I use the car wash service if I buy an unlimited membership?

The unlimited part is literal and you can wash your car every day for a fixed price a month if you buy the membership.

How many locations does Luv car wash cover?

Luv Car Wash is spread across 72+ locations. make sure you have a Luv Car Wash station near you.

How quick is the cancellation time of the membership?

According to the Luv Car Wash website, they take 24-48 hours to process cancellation requests.

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