How to cancel Sky Zone Membership?

how to Cancel Sky Zone Membership Online

You can cancel your Sky Zone membership through the website the Membership Cancellation Form.

Sky Zone is a company that hosts several trampoline parks and is believed to be the first to do so. If you have kids, then you know you will use the service often; buying the monthly membership might be a financially smart choice.

There are no age requirements to use Sky Zone’s trampoline parks. We get it: You bought the membership out of excitement and now want to end it.

We are here to help those who want to cancel their Sky Zone membership but find it complicated. Four easy-to-follow methods, including online, are available.

Basic Information About Fraavy

OwnerPalladium Equity Partners
Customer Care
Phone Support833-227-9532
Operating DaysTuesday – Sunday
Operating Hours4:00 PM – 8:00 PM
No. of Location300
Response TimesEmail: 24-48 hours
Phone: <5 min wait times
Sky Zone Membership Overview


You will need the following to cancel your membership at the SKY Zone Park.

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Contact Number
  4. Email Address
  5. Name at Sky Zone Membership Card
  6. Sky Zone Membership Number

Method 1: Cancel Sky Zone Membership via Online

Follow the steps listed below to cancel Sky Zone Membership Online:

1. Visit the Sky Zone Membership Cancellation Page

Sky Zone Membership Cancellation Page

You can MODIFY YOUR MEMBERSHIP by visiting their Cancellation Page and clicking on the button below to visit.

2. Select your Park and Location

Park and Location Cancel

Sky Zone Trampoline Park is available in more than 78 Locations with 100s of branches. You must select your location from the “Park” list.

Choose the correct Park to avoid delay in cancellation.

3. Enter Personal Information

Personal Information

Please enter your Full Name, Email Address, and Phone Number that you provided when signing up for the membership.

Please ensure that this information is correct and valid. After successfully canceling your membership with Sky Zone Trampoline Pake, you will receive confirmation emails and calls.

4. Provide Membership Details

Membership Details

Now, enter the Member’s name and membership number. The park provides different membership cards to individuals. If you have more than one cancellation request, do not forget to add all the requests.

You can add all your family members’ cancellation requests at once; just tap on the (+) button to add more members.

5. Verify Cancellation

Verify Cancellation of Sky zone

It is important to verify your cancellation request by checking all the member’s names and numbers.

After this make sure to check for the confirmation email after your request for cancellation to avoid any future issues.

How do you unsubscribe from SMS from SKY Zone?

To stop receiving messages from SKY Zone, follow the steps listed below.

  • Go to your Message App.
  • Type “STOP” in the message box.
  • Then send it to 81079.
  • Receive the confirmation SMS.

After this, you will be unsubscribed and receive no more SMS from the company.

Alternative ways to contact Sky Zone Trampoline Park for a Cancellation Request

As per the Sky Zone Trampoline Park website, all cancellation requests must be submitted through an online form. But different locations require different cancellation processes, and if you are facing any sort of problem, then I suggest the methods below to contact and request termination.

Contact Form
Contact Information of Sky Zone

Method 2: Request for Sky Zone membership cancellation via Phone

If you prefer to speak to the staff directly, dial the Sky Zone customer service number at 833-227-9532 and request them to cancel your membership.

Provide them with the necessary details on why you cannot cancel via online form.

Ensure you have your personal and membership details before making the call. They are needed to verify your membership purchase. After the call ends, you will receive a confirmation email when the staff cancels your membership.

Method 3: Cancelling Sky Zone membership via Email

If you find navigating the website complicated, you can simply ask Sky Zone’s customer service staff to cancel your membership, and they will comply with your request.

First, you must compose a proper email with your correct personal and membership details. If you want, mention your wish to cancel your Sky Zone membership and provide feedback. After composing the email, send it to, which is Sky Zone’s customer service email. Await a response from Sky Zone, after which they will guide you further about canceling your membership.

Method 4: Request via the Contact form

  1. Visit the contact page of the Sky Zone website
  2. Fill in your First name and last name
  3. Fill in your Email and Phone number
  4. In the “Inquiry reason” tab, select the “Other” option
  5. Select the location where your membership is registered
  6. Write your intentions to cancel your membership and some feedback if you want in the “Messages” tab
  7. Double-check your information and hit the “Submit” button
  8. Wait for a confirmation email

After the Sky Zone staff gets your query, they will either cancel your membership immediately if you are eligible or further guide you about canceling it.

Cancellation Policy

Terms and Conditions1 page states that cancellation policies vary by park, but according to Sky Zone membership’s cancellation policy, you can cancel anytime and no cancellation fee will be charged.

Membership is renewed every month from the date of signing up, so you must complete the cancellation form at least 3 business days before your billing date to avoid paying.

You’ll still have access to all the awesome membership benefits and perks until your cancellation date.

Refund eligibility

Sky zone has a no refund policy on their tickets and that also includes monthly membership, therefore you are not able to get refund on their services.

Once you purchase any membership, whether online or offline, day or monthly, you cannot refund or reschedule.

Sky Zone Membership Plans

The prices and membership plans changes according to your City, but in general they provide 2 Sky Zone membership plans which includes Basic and Elite.

These are recurring monthly payments and does not change for enrollment. For full price check out in your location2.

Membership PlansBASICELITE
Activity TimeYesYes
Fuel Zone DiscountYesYes
Members Only EventsYesYes
Party DiscountYes
Parent PerksYes
Sky Zone Membership Plans


Why am I charged after cancelling my membership?

Cancellation is requested 3 days before your payment date, if your cancellation process was not completed then you will get charge.

If you believe you are charged wrongful then you can contact they vai email at with cancellation confirmation mail.

Does Sky Zone have both physical tickets and digital tickets?

Yes, you are able to buy trampoline park tickets both online and at the location of park as well as add time in your ticket.

Can I cancel Sky Zone membership in person?

Sky zone park’s official website specifically states all cancellation request must be done via cancellation form, but you can visit your location and ask the employees.

Can I freeze or pause my Sky Zone membership?

No, there are no information available if you an freeze your membership with SKY Zone.

Can I downgrade my Sky Zone membership?

Yes, request them for a downgrade before your next billing date.

Can I use my Sky Zone Memberships on other Locations?

No, you are not allowed to use your Sky Zone Memberships from 1 location to another.

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