How to cancel Splash Car Wash membership?

cancel Splash Car Wash membership

You can cancel your Splash Car Wash membership in-store from a manager or via cancellation form from the official website

Splash Car Wash has been a family-owned business since 1983 in Arkansas available within 17+ locations.

The car cleaning company provides services such as Car wash, Interior Cleaning, and Oil Change.

Car wash starts from basic $22/month to $39 for the Best wash with annual and single wash available at all locations.

How to cancel a Splash Car Wash Membership Online?

cancel a Splash Car Wash Membership Online

Here is how you can cancel your Splash Car Wash Membership online.

Visit Official Website

The company has simplified the process to make changes in your account whether for changing details or canceling your monthly subscriptions.
Go to:

Select Request and Reason

Choose to cancel your membership from the request, and reasons why you want to cancel.

They have listed a few common reasons why a customer wants to terminate their subscription with them.

Provide your Info

For identity verification, you must provide your Full Name, Email, and Phone number, and Location.
These details should match the details you provided during signing up with the company.

Location and License Plate

Now, provide the location for which you signed up, and the license plate of your Car.

A license plate is to verify your account with the company for further processing.

Message and Submit

Now, you can write a short note requesting faster cancellation and asking for a confirmation email.

Reasons to cancel Splash Car Wash

There are 5 reasons to cancel Splash Car Wash and they are.

  • You do not need to clean frequently and single or twice enough in a month.
  • Moving to moved to another state where the company has no location.
  • Unsatisfied with the company’s service or does not fulfill promises.
  • Overpriced or expensive compared to rival car wash companies in your area.
  • Another reason you think.

Does Splash Car Wash provide a Refund?

No, there are no refunds once the next billing cycle has occurred or if canceled throughout the billing cycle.

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