How to Cancel Super Star Car Wash Membership Online?

Cancel Super Star Car Wash Membership Online

Superstar Car Wash cancellation methods include filling up an online cancel membership form or simply requesting via email.

Customers can choose plans according to their needs and budget Superstar Car Wash offers Monthly and Single Wash Plans and has 3 plans including Clean, Super Shine, and Super Protect.

Check out monthly plan pricing

Plan1st Monthlymonthly
Super Shine$22.95$32.95
Super Protect$24.95$34.95
Superstar monthly car wash plan 2024

How To Cancel Super Star Car Wash Membership Online?

How to Cancel Super Star Car Wash Membership Online

Step by Step process to cancel Super Star Car Wash Membership Online.

Total Time: 5 minutes

Visit Website

First, visit the official website of Superstar Car Wash Cancellation Page at Cancel Membership.

Choose cancellation Document

You can either choose to Cancel with Fast Pass ID or license Plate this is according to the License Plate number with the state you signed up.

Enter the Last Four Digits Of the Credit Card

This is to verify the identity of the customer, you must enter the last 4 digit of your credit card.

Confirmation Email

Enter the email you used during signing up for the Superstar Car Wash.

Continue to cancel

This is the final step now, your request will be processed and you must check your email for a confirmation email from the company.

Requirements for Cancellation

You must use your Fast Pass ID or License Plate Number for cancellation which you used during signing up.

Fast Pass ID is a sticker which is usually located at the bottom right corner of your windshield.

  • Canceling with Fast Pass IDEnter your Fast Pass ID, the Last Four of your CC, and a valid Email address.
  • Canceling with License Plate: Enter Your License Plate Number, the State you signed up with, the Last Four of your CCs, and a valid Email address.

How To Get Super Star Car Wash Free Wash?

Get Super Star Car Wash Free Wash

Follow the steps listed below to get Super Star Car Wash FREE CAR WASH via text.

1. Visit Free Wash

2. Enter your “Mobile Number” and click on Submit.

3. You will receive a coupon for your free wash.

Disclaimer: You will also receive for up to 8 messages per month. You can simply Reply STOP to cancel. (data rates may apply)


  1. Go to the Message box then Text “BARGAIN” and send it to 27800.
  2. You will get a link to a coupon for an express car wash valid for up to two weeks.
  3. Click on the link and tap on “Redeem” to use your free service.

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