How to Cancel Take 5 Car Wash Membership Online? [3 methods]

Cancel Take 5 Car Wash membership Online

Take 5 Car Wash membership can be canceled using multiple methods such as contact form, email, visiting their location, and phone calls.

Membership-based car wash service is top-rated nowadays since it is mostly affordable for car owners who want their rides to be clean and tidy. Take 5 Car Wash offers a similar service.

Available in over 19 states and giving basic wash for $10, Take 5 Car Wash is simply now one of the best in the business.

But not all can be satisfied and some would want to cancel their subscription for a different reason and the company has made it easy for them to cancel their service at any time.

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Here are some easy ways you can cancel your Take 5 car wash membership:

Cancel Take 5 Car Wash Via Online Form

To cancel your Take 5 car wash membership, visit their contact page on their online website. Scroll down, and you will find the form to fill in your details.

Fill in all the details that are required for the cancellation of your membership. After you fill up your details, section, give your feedback about the service in the “Comments” section which might help them improve their service in the future.

After filling in all the required information for the cancellation, press the submit button.

Make sure to cancel your membership 7 days before the next billing date to prevent any recurring charges to your charge.

Cancel Your Take 5 Car Wash Membership Via Phone Call

You heard it right. You can cancel your Take 5 Car Wash membership by phone.

Call them on their customer service phone number which is (704) 377-8855 and give them the correct details that they ask for.

After their representative verifies your information, they will cancel your membership very soon.

Cancel Your Take 5 Car Wash Membership Via Email

If you prefer email to phone call, you can contact the customer service of Take 5 Car Wash through their email which is

Compose an email consisting of all your info that would be required to cancel your membership in an organized manner. State your desire to cancel your membership.

After that, send your email and their customer service team will respond to you soon and cancel your membership.

Cancel Your Take 5 Car Wash Membership By Visiting their Location

You can easily cancel your Take 5 Car Wash membership by visiting one of their locations near you.

Visit their nearest location and talk to their representative about canceling your car wash membership. After they verify your membership details, they will quickly cancel your membership for you.

Requirements for Cancellation

The requirements you need to cancel your take 5 Car Wash Membership are listed below.

  • Full Name,
  • Address,
  • Email Address,
  • Phone Number,
  • Vehicle Number,
  • Take 4 Express Car Wash Site Locations and
  • 11-digit Take 5 Express Car Wash number on the RFID sticker in your windshield

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Take 5 Car Wash does not charge any cancellation fee if members wish to end their monthly subscriptions.

Members can request cancellation at any time, but it is advised to submit an online or in-person visit for request at least seven (7) days before the next billing date.

This is to avoid charge for the next billing date and to make your cancellation effective from the next billing date.

Does Take 5 Car Wash Provide a Refund on its Membership?

Unfortunately, Take 5 Car Wash does not have any partial or full refunds on their membership.

How do I contact Take 5 car wash support?

Information Details
Phone(704) 377-8855
Support Information

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