Easy Steps to Cancel Village Gym Membership Online

You can cancel your Village Gym membership via the website, phone number and email.

Village Gym is a Gym chain club that has multiple gym outlets in various locations throughout the United States. If you are an aspiring fitness geek, or you are just looking to stay in shape, whatever your needs, Village Gym claims to help you out with achieving your fitness goal.

There might be various reasons you want to cancel your gym membership like; dissatisfaction of the service, low budget, a better alternative, lack of time, etc. Whatever the reasons, we can help you cancel your membership, as the process can be very confusing for some folks.

Here is the easy-to-follow guide to cancel your Village Gym membership:

Cancelling Village Gym membership via the website

Follow these steps to cancel your Village Gym membership via the official website:

  1. Visit the Village Gym’s official website
  2. Log in to your membership account using your details
  3. Tap on the “My Account” tab
  4. Tap on the “My Membership” option
  5. Write down your reasons for cancellation and feedback
  6. Press on Submit

After the staff receives your cancellation query, they will cancel your membership. You will get a confirmation email on your registered email after your membership is cancelled.

Cancelling Village Gym Membership Via Phone

If you prefer to cancel the membership by directly contacting the staff of the Village Gym, you can also contact them through phone number to cancel your membership. Follow these steps to cancel your Village Gym Membership via phone:

  1. Call the Village Gym Customer Service on their customer service number. Find the number of your local gym on the website.
  2. Speak with the staff of the local gym about cancelling your membership
  3. Give them your details like your name, and membership ID to verify your membership
  4. After the verification of your membership, the staff will proceed to cancel your membership
  5. After your membership is cancelled, you will receive a confirmation email

Cancelling your membership via Email

If you are unable to speak to the staff directly, you also have the option to cancel your membership via email. Compose an email consisting of your details and your cancellation query. After composing a proper email, send it to the customer service email of the village gym: memberservices@villagehotels.com.

After the customer service staff receives your cancellation query, they will respond to you and guide you through the cancellation process.

Cancellation Policy

According to the cancellation policy of Village Gym membership, you must give 90 days paid notice before the last date of your billing cycle to cancel your membership. If you cancel within 10 days of the start date, you must pay a £15 cancellation fee.

You cannot cancel a monthly membership due to the 90-day notice policy. The village gym has no third-party cancellation policy. Only the member can cancel the membership.

How to contact Village Gym Customer Support?

Phone(302) 376-3060
Contact Information Details of Village gym


How to freeze my membership?

You can freeze your membership by paying a small fee of £10 per calendar month. You can contact the customer service of Village Gym about freezing your membership.

What is a cooling-off period?

Within the 10 days of cooling-off period, you can cancel the membership by paying a minimum admission fee. After the cooling off has ended, you can cancel the membership with 90 days paid notice.

Can I get a refund on my purchased membership?

The Village Gym has a no-refund policy for various reasons such as fraud, etc. Only on unnatural circumstances like gym closing for long periods, you can get a refund on your membership.