3 Methods to Cancel Zips Car Wash Membership

Zips Car Wash offers 3 methods to cancel their monthly subscription: via website, email, and visit a branch in person.

The car wash company advertises their service for $10 for the first month, which most customers confuse as their regular price. But this is a promotional price for New Users only and regular prices are applied from the 2nd month.

Many Reddit users have questions on how to cancel Zips Car Wash as the company charged them more than $10 after their first month.

According to Zip Car Wash canceling your membership via an online form through their website is the easiest and fastest method.

Requirements for Cancellation

You will need the following before canceling your Zips Car Wash membership.

  1. Membership Sticker / RFID number (this is located on the sticker on your windshield) 
  2. Zips location where you signed up. 
  3. Reason for canceling.
  4. Date of cancellation
  5. Email
  6. Phone

How to Cancel Zips Car Wash Membership Online?

Zips Car Wash offers online support through which they take all feedback, requests, and other necessary actions.

Using this you can also request cancellations.

Visit Zips Car Wash’s Official Website

Visit the official website, and look for the “Submit a request” button at the top right corner. Click on it, you will be redirected to a new page.

Fill up Submit a request form page

You must fill in all the required information correctly as filling during signing up. This is to verify your identity, information you will be asked are.
1. Your email address
2. First Name (Required)
3. Last Name (Required)
4. Phone Number (Required)
5. Location
6. Membership # or RFID(This is the barcode displayed on the tag on your windshield.)

Cancel Membership

At the “What can we assist you with today?” drop-down menu you can select to terminate your membership, for this first choose
1. Membership.
2. then select, Cancel my Membership.
3. Reason for Cancellation.


After filling out all the details including personal identity verification and mentioning your intention to cancel your membership with the company.
Click on the “Submit” button.

Cancel Zips Car Wash via Email

The second method includes cancellation by sending a formal request by email.

1. Compose an email requesting Cancellation of Zips Car Wash Membership

All you need to do is send an email to customer support requesting to cancel your membership.

2. Add Information

You should include information such as personal contact information, RFID number on your membership sticker, and preferred date of cancellation.

We advise you to check for a confirmation email from the company.

3. Send Email

After writing your cancellation mail with all the required information attached send it to washclubs@zipscarwash.com.

Cancel Zips Car Wash Membership in Person

1. Prepare the Requirements

You should take all the necessary documents and information along with you.

In this case, an identity card and Membership # or RFID would do it.

2. Visit Zips Car Wash Branch

Visit your local branch or whichever is the nearest location to you. If you are in a new location we suggest you check through their page.

If you are unable to find a location then, cancellation via email or website is recommended.

3. Confirmation Print

It is always safe to take a copy of confirmation of cancellation for future safety.

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