How to Delete Rows in Excel with Shortcut?

Delete Rows in Excel

If you have too many blank rows in your Excel sheet, it may be time to delete them individually. Using the Command+Option+K keyboard shortcut will help you delete every other row. This will also ungroup all the rows you don’t want. You can also select only the blank rows.

Shortcut to Delete Rows in Excel

Shortcut to Delete Rows in Excel

If you want to know how to delete rows in Excel with a shortcut, you can use a keyboard shortcut known as Command+Option+K. This combination will select the row in question and open the insert dialog box. This shortcut works for a single row or multiple rows. You can also AutoFit a column width if needed. This will make your work much easier and help you save time.

Another keyboard shortcut is Ctrl+’-‘. This selects an entire row. It’s better to use Command than Ctrl for Mac users. Another method of selecting a row is by right-clicking its label and selecting ‘Delete Row’ from the pop-up menu. Alternatively, you can use the arrow keys to select a range of cells, such as a column of numbers.

Video guide to delete Excel Row with Shortcut 2023

Remove Every Other Row

If you need to remove every other row from your spreadsheet, you can use the RemoveEveryOtherRow in Excel shortcut. The process is very similar to deleting a single row from Excel. All you have to do is select the rows you want to remove from the current table and hit the Delete button. This will result in an empty sheet that only contains the relevant rows. You may need to do some formatting to make sure the rows aren’t selected, but it’s still an easy way to delete them.

You can also delete Excel rows and columns using the keyboard. By default, you can delete all cells in a column by pressing ‘Shift’ and ‘Spacebar.’ You can also use ‘Ctrl+Space’ to select the entire row or column in a worksheet. You can also press ‘Shift’ and press the Arrow Keys at the same time to select a group of rows or columns.

Ungroup Rows

There are two ways to group and ungroup rows in Excel. The first method is the traditional way, which involves pressing the Enter key. But what if you want to do it faster? There are keyboard shortcuts that can help you do that faster. First, you can group rows by clicking the “Group” button in the Data tab. Secondly, you can use the Shift + Alt + Left Arrow shortcut to group and ungroup rows.

Besides, you can also use the Ctrl + Shift+0 keyboard shortcut to unselect a group of hidden rows. The downside to this is that you can’t undo it after you do it. Instead, you’ll need to recreate the outline and unselect the rows. Lastly, if you need to delete rows or columns from an Excel workbook, you can use the Ctrl + A keyboard shortcut.

Select only blank rows

You may have several worksheets open in Excel with no cursor in them. In such cases, you can use the arrow keys to move the cursor to the correct position. In addition, you can also press Control+Backspace to scroll the cursor in the right direction. To select only blank cells in Excel, you can use the Go to Special dialog, which is similar to Paste Special. The shortcut allows you to select only blank cells, formulas, and constants.

The first way to find blank cells is to click on the row headings. You can do this by Shift-clicking the first row heading and then Shift-clicking the last. If the row is not blank, you can choose a different option from the drop-down menu by right-clicking the headings and choosing Delete. The next method is to use the Filter & Sort group on the Data tab and click on the Find Next option.

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